Distribution Overview :


Starview International is a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) based in Singapore. We represent some of the leading brands in networks and security in the industry today.

Our solutions today include,

-Wireless Networking, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint.

-Enterprise Switching solution from Edge to Core.

-Network & Aggregation TAPs up to 100G.

-Internet Load Balancing & VPN Bonding Solution

-C/DWDM Solution for Optical Fiber transmission over Dark Fiber

-High-Performance Signal Extension & Switching

-Network Performance Monitoring & Forensic with DPI.

-Media Conversion Technologies

-Customer Engagement Portal thru WiFi

In addition to the above vendors, STARVIEW Manufactures an extensive range of Fiber Optics Transceivers & Accessories, we have global distribution networks of partners and agents for these manufactured products.

STARVIEW Provides Help Desk, Service Level Agreements, Deployment of network products to other countries, structured cabling, installation and commissioning of networking products, remote technical support, Preventive maintenance, training and warranty contracts.

Customers can activate SMART (Starview Maintenance and Support) service via hotline, web portal and email.

These services and support are extended to SIs, VARs, Service Providers, End-Users etc. These are backed by our trusted and attractive partners program. We at STARVIEW endeavors to make each of our partners to be SUCCESSFUL in their line of business with our offerings.



Mojo MA-370

Mojo Premium Management Servers 32 GB DDR4


Mojo MA-270

Mojo Standard Management Servers 8 GB DDR4


Mojo W-68

802.11a/n/ac radio (Wave 1) 866Mb/300Mb 2×2:2 MIMO


Mojo O-90

802.11a/n/ac radio(Wave 1) 1.3Gb/450Mb 3×3:3 MIMO


Mojo C-100

802.11a/n/ac radio(Wave 2) 876Mb/300Mb 2×2:2 MU-MIMO


Mojo C-110

802.11a/n/ac radio(Wave 2) 876Mb/300Mb 2×2:2 MU-MIMO


Mojo C-130

802.11a/n/ac radio (Wave 2) 1.7Gb/800Mb 4×4:4 MU-MIMO