Solutions Overview


The increase in workforce mobility, demand for real-time access to cloud applications and infrastructure across multiple devices are transforming the network & security scene in today’s enterprises.

With information readily Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, enterprises need to ensure their networks to be Secure, Reliable and at a price point which does not break the bank. Regardless of wired or wirelessly connectivity, indoor or outdoor access, these investments need to be carefully planned.

STARVIEW has the expertise in extending these products & solutions to system Integrators, service providers and other large organizations with utmost confidence and reliability in our mind always.



Governments agencies are aiming to make their Data networks more SECURE, TRANSPARENT & RESPONSIVE, using solutions that are technically up to date.

The need for interoperability among all these government entities is crucial in achieving higher workforce efficiency and lower operating costs.

Enabling strict controls on wireless devices and policy governance over the usage and applications are examples of current measures to safeguard the information flow.

STARVIEW offers a range of products and solutions for this vertical in our respective vendors’ listing.



Educational sectors have been investing heavily in network infrastructures to keep up with the pace of high-density demand for faster broadband speed & multimedia requirement.

Campuses are providing learning resources to the staffs and students using these improved network highways. The ability to bring your own laptops, tablets and mobiles phones and connected to these networks seamlessly are crucial in today’s learning environment.


Service Providers

The key challenge that most Service Providers faced today is the agility of their infrastructure. This business nature must be in line with their dynamic business growth.

This growth is mostly driven by rapid adoption of newly evolving technologies, changing customer demands and erosion of profit margin.

The need for ReliableLow Cost, and a Future Proof solution is therefore imperative in sustaining in this industry.



OPERATORS in the Hospitality Industry are constantly evolving to meet the demands of guests’ Expectation & Experience. The need to be in touch with new products and standards will help them to put up an effective plan for investment on their IT infrastructure.

The explosive use of WiFi in this industry to improve guests’ experience has been the focal point in keeping up with the competition in this industry.

STARVIEW offers a suite of wireless infrastructure and application to address this necessity.